CPA 9th Congress April 2001

Congress Resolution:
Tandem Thrust

This Congress condemns "Tandem Thrust", the giant joint US-Australia 
military exercise to be held in and around Rockhampton during May, 

These war games are directed against the countries of the Asia-Pacific 
region, above all the People's Republic of China. They practise the 
invasion of countries, using coalition forces under US control.

Congress also condemns the threat the exercises pose to the fragile 
environment, especially areas of the unique Great Barrier Reef.

Congress calls on the Party to campaign against Tandem Thrust by:

a) Informing all comrades about the exercises through The Guardian.

b) Encouraging all comrades to write protest letters to Defence Minister 
Peter Reith and to organise similar letters from mass organisations and 

c) Encouraging the Queensland branches to stage public action(s) / 
demonstration(s) in Brisbane.

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