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Party Statements – 2014

End campaign of repression in Sudan

CPA statement

November 2014

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Australia condemns in the strongest possible terms the attacks on the Sudanese Communist Party and joins international calls for an immediate end to the anti-Communist campaign waged across the Blue Nile Region. The CPA demands the immediate release of Comrade Suliman Ali, the Political Secretary of the Party district, who is charged with crimes that carry the death penalty, and all other comrades detained in recent days. The capture of Comrade Suliman Ali, who is 68 years old and in fragile health, is a politically motivated outrage that cannot be allowed to stand.

We note that the violations of the rights of the members of the Sudanese Communist Party take place at the same time as military action against the people the Southern Kordufan and other war zones of the country. It is another example of acts of anti-Communist repression that have taken place in Ukraine, Venezuela, Greece, Serbia and elsewhere in recent times. The CPA calls on the progressive people of the world to unite against this escalating campaign against the defenders of the rights and interests of the people.

On the proposed visit to Australia of representatives of Golden Dawn

Statement of the Communist Party of Australia Secretariat

September 2014

According to reports in the Greek community media, the neo-fascist party of Greece “Golden Dawn” is sending a high level delegation to Australia shortly, comprised of their two European Parliament members, for the purpose of promoting the ideology of this party among Australia’s Greek communities, and fostering support for it, including collecting money from Australia in order to financially support their criminal activities in Greece.

The policy of this party is to divide the people on the basis of race and nationality, promote extreme forms of nationalism, cultivate racial and national hatred among people, engage in savage physical attacks against all migrants and people rejecting their ideas and generally embrace all backward, reactionary and violent social behaviour.

Their activities are so extreme and outside the law and norms of democratic life, that some of their leaders, including prominent parliamentary members, have been convicted for criminal activities and are serving prison sentences for serious violations of the country’s penal code.

This violent and extremely dangerous Party is now sending two of its leading members to Australia to carry on their divisive and destructive activities in our society. Their presence in a multicultural society like Australia, comprised of people of various ethnic backgrounds from all corners of the earth, can only spell trouble for Australia’s communities.

Their extreme violence and their doctrines of national and racial superiority must be of great concern not only to Australia’s Greek communities but to all people of our country who in their overwhelming majority reject violence of one national group against the other and the fascist policies of discrimination on the basis of race and ethnicity.

The Australian people should never allow our country to become the breeding ground of violence divisions and hatred and become the source of financial support for fascist activities abroad.

For all these reasons we call upon the Australian government and the Prime Minister to refuse to issue visas and so deny this delegation entry into Australia. Further we call upon all progressive and democratic members of the Greek communities and of the wider community, as well as democratic organisations, trade unions and others, to raise their objections to this visit in any way possible. Such methods include sending letters of protest to the Prime Minister and the Minister for Immigration, protesting vigorously to their local member of Parliament and Senators, organising a petition to collect signatures from interested people and by sending a delegation to Canberra to present the petition and press upon the government to take the steps required to prevent this visit.

The attacks on the Communists of Ukraine

CPA Central Committee Executive statement

June 2014

The Communist Party of Australia condemns in the most strenuous terms the attacks carried out by fascist and other reactionary elements on the Communists of the Ukraine. The persecution and violence directed at progressive political forces in the country are emblematic of the dark age in store for the people of the Ukraine if the US and the European Union succeed in dragging the country into the debt prison of once viable, productive countries. Sovereignty will be lost and the industrial capacity of the country further dismantled.

The shameful past of fascist collaboration and racist atrocities will be glorified and the history of socialism and the Great Patriotic War distorted and purged. Plans for attacks on the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation will be advanced and the world pushed closer to a major war. The bravest, most consistent opponents of these frightening developments are the Communists of Ukraine. That is why members and Party premises are being attacked and the legal status of the Communist Party remains under a cloud. We declare our solidarity with the Party and the people of Ukraine in these times of great trials. The CPA rallies in defence of the Communists in Ukraine as their struggle is the struggle of all Communists of the world.

The CPA welcomes the release of Fernando Gonzalez

CPA statement

March 2014

On February 28 Fernando Gonzalez completed the fi nal minutes of the unjust incarceration that kept him from his homeland, his people and his family for more than 15 years.

The solidarity movement around the world celebrates the release of the second of Five Cuban anti-terrorists arbitrarily sentenced to unjust sentences of 15 years to more than double life.

The Cuban Five were unfairly tried in Miami, a city hostile to Cuba, and more recently it has come to light that the US government paid journalists to mislead public opinion during the trial.

Against all the odds the solidarity campaign has expanded to all corners of the world including inside the United States where the media has long tried to hide their story. It is an imperative that the American people learn about the plight of the Cuban Five heroes punished for fighting against terrorism against Cuba, organised from US soil.

Cuba and its people have been under siege for more than 50 years. In fact from the very beginning of the Cuban revolution the US sponsored and organised the economic blockade on the island. The blockade on Cuba punishes the entire population and its right to self-determination.

The attacks on the Cuban revolution have ranged from a direct invasion during the Bay of Pigs to numerous clandestine operations aimed at damaging the economy and promoting terrorist attacks that have seen more than 3,000 Cuban lives lost.

The Cuban Five never hurt anyone and were no threat to the US national security. What they did was monitor the activities of the anti-Cuban groups based in Miami and reporting plans that would have resulted in the loss of Cuban and American lives.

We welcome the release of Fernando Gonzalez, who together with his other four brothers never gave up, even to the fi nal moments of his unjust sentence.

We encourage all Guardian readers to continue the campaign for the unconditional release of Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero and Ramon Labañino. President Obama can exercise his presidential powers and rectify this political and legal wrongdoing by pardoning them and sending them back to Cuba to reunite with their families who together had been suffering this collective punishment.

The Communist Party of Australia welcomes Fernando home and pledges to continue working for the release of the other three Cuban heroes.

Vinnie Molina – CPA National President

Letter of solidarity to the CFMEU

CPA statement

February 2014

Dear Comrades,

The Communist Party of Australia condemns in the strongest possible terms the attacks being carried out by the federal government and the corporate media on the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU).

The Abbott government clearly has unfinished business in the area of industrial relations and, like the Howard Government before it, is targeting the stronger and more militant sections of the Australian labour movement. Its aim is to rid workplaces of trade unions and to give employers a free hand to smash wages and working conditions.

The attack on your union is part of the wider employer offensive against the working class, in which democratic rights and the social wage – education, health services and other public services – are under attack.

The building and construction industry is riddled with corruption, but it is not the trade unions or their members who are corrupt. They are the ones who bare the brunt of corrupt and criminal conduct of the big corporations, their collusion with governments in the pursuit of maximising profits.

We know your members work in the most demanding and dangerous of conditions, with an average of one worker per week not going home to their family, and many thousands more seriously injured.

Abbott Government is not interested in jailing those responsible for industrial manslaughter or ensuring workers receive their legal entitlements. Instead, it is hell bent on a witch-hunt of those defending workers’ rights.

The Communist Party of Australia stands squarely beside the CFMEU at this time of despicable attack and vilification. We pledge our solidarity with the CFMEU and workers in the building and construction industry.

An injury to one is an injury to all!

In unity,

Bob Briton – General Secretary,
Communist Party of Australia


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