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Books – ABC of social and political knowledge

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What is Surplus Value?

by by T Volkova & F Volkov
Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1986
Paper back – 300 pages

If you would like to understand the driving force of capitalism, how workers are exploited and the methods that corporations use to boost profits, then is a great introductory text. For those who already have some knowledge, it is still worth reading as a refresher and to fill in the gaps.


Classes and the Class Struggle?

by A Yermakova & V Ratnikov
Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1986
Paper back – 263 pages

How often have you heard it said that the class struggle is dead, that the way forward is for workers to cooperate with employers? The book defines classes, deals with the origin and evolution of class, peculiarities of class struggle in modern times, the role of the class struggle, its various forms and moves on to the question of socialism and classless society.


What is the Party?

by Ye Bugaev
Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1986
Paper back – 285 pages

Lenin wrote a great deal about the need for a party of a special type. This book examines the type of party that the working class need – its policies, functions, structures, links to the people and much more that make a revolutionary party. It also gives some insight into the Communist Party in the former Soviet Union.


What is the Working People’s Power?

by D Dmiterko & V Pugachev
Progressive Publishers, Moscow, 1986
Paper back – 288 pages

This is a very interesting book which starts by looking at the types of exploiter states and the essence of the bourgeois state. It devotes a chapter to bourgeois democracy, lifting many of the myths associated with the bourgeois concepts of philosophy. The following chapters deal with the struggles of the working class for working people’s power, the Marxist Leninist theory of the socialist revolution before moving on the socialist state.


What are Trade Unions

by E Utkin
Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1988
Paper back – 156 pages

This an extremely useful book for trade unionists and anyone else interested in the origin and role of trade unions in society. It ties in with the question of surplus value and class struggle. It looks at the position of trade unions in developing and socialist countries as well as industrialised capitalist states. There is also a chapter on the international trade union movement. Published in 1988, its references to Apartheid are dated, but its contents are still relevant.



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