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Civil War in France: The Paris Commune

by Karl Marx & V I Lenin
International Publishers, 2008
Paperback – 182 pages

Part 1 of this volume contains the complete edition of Marx’s three addresses on the Franco-Prussin War of 1870-71 and the Commune with Frederick Engels’ introduction to the German edition in 1891.

Part 2 comprises Lenin’s writings on the Paris Commune. Nikita Federovsky’s essay, “Marx’s Civil War in France” as part 3 completes the volume. The editor has supplied detailed and very useful explanatory notes.


Germany: Revolution & Counter-Revolution

by Frederick Engels
with the collaboration of Karl Marx
Edited by Eleanor Marx
International Publishers, New York, 1969
Paperback – 155 pages

Originally apearing as a series of articles in the New York Tribune, these writings were later collected and edited by Marx's daughter Eleanor. The book has since become a classic on the German Revolution of 1848, and remains a model of the Marxist interpretation of history. It was written with the active collaboration of Marx, under whose name the articles first appeared. The present edition includes Eleanor Marx's introduction to the original English edition.


Kwame Nkrumah

by Yuri Smertin
International Publishers, 2002
Paperback – 180 pages

This is an extremely interesting book about a farsighted African leader with a world outlook and concept of African unity and development along socialist lines. He occupies a special place in the history of the African continent’s national liberation struggles during the 1950s and ‘60s, when African nations gained their political independence from their Western colonisers. He recognised that the struggles in Africa were part of the global anti-imperialist movement. Known as the “Father of the Nation”, Nkrumah died in exile, having been previously deposed in a reactionary coup. He left an extensive theoretical legacy. Smertin’s study of Nkrumah’s life and work explains his contribution to Ghana’s independence and development, including errors and miscalculations.


The Philippines: Colonialism, Collaboration, and Resistance!

by William J Pomeroy
International Publishers, 1992
Paperback – 352 pages

On May 1, 1898 a US fleet of nine warships steamed into Manila Bay in the Spanish colony. This event marked the emergence of the US on the world scene as an imperialist power. The Philippines, with all its people, became a possession of the US. This Marxist history maps out the struggle for national independence, freedom and the democratic development of the Philippines. Pomeroy and his wife Celia Mariano, a Huk leader, were deeply involved in the struggle of the Philippine people. They were captured in 1952 and served 10 years as political prisoners until pardoned after a US campaign for their release. He now lives in exile in England.



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