The TKP and the people of Turkey

The TKP and the people of Turkey

Communist Party of Turkey, TKP
Central Committee

Dear comrades,

The Communist Party of Australia offers its condolences for the precious lives lost as a result of the earthquake in Elazig province of Turkey. We also extend solidarity to our comrades in the Communist party of Turkey, and the Turkish people in general, who are working to deal with the devastation caused.

It is no surprise that your capitalist government paid no heed to the warnings of experts. We have experienced it recently as Australia’s government ignores warnings of climate change-induced disasters and refuse to heed the experts. We see it is not human welfare but the private accumulation of profit that drives the policies of our governments.

In dealing with this catastrophe the CPA sends its working-class solidarity, please let us know if we can be of any help.

In solidarity,

Vinnie Molina
International Department