Congratulatory message to Miguel Diaz-Canel

Miguel Diaz-Canel
First Secretary
Communist Party of Cuba

Dear Comrade,

Please accept the fraternal greeting and congratulations from the Communist Party of Australia’s Central Committee on your election as First Secretary of the CC of the CPC.

We pay tribute to comrade Raul Castro for his leadership and service to the people of Cuba in the building of a socialist society and the struggle against the criminal US blockade of Cuba.

We feel proud to witness the continuity of the Cuban Revolution under your leadership. We have every confidence in you and the generation of younger comrades who have been entrusted the difficult task of continuing the development of socialism. We know the mentorship of the revolution’s historic generation stands Cuba, the Party and yourself in good stead for the continuation of a strong revolutionary path.

This happens at a time when the covid-19 pandemic is taking too many lives around the world. We advocate, for a solution to be found to the pandemic, the greatest cooperation and solidarity among the peoples of the world is necessary.

We stand in solidarity with you, the Cuban people and the many around the world who call for the criminal blockade to be lifted so that Cuba can reach its full potential without hindrance. It is not only the Cuban people but the world that would benefit from access to all that Cuba has to offer including from the strong scientific legacy that was the vision of Fidel who said “The future of Cuba must necessarily be a future of men of science,”

We know you will continue to lead Cuba on its visionary path for the benefit of the Cuban people and the peoples of the world.

Our final thoughts are for Commander in Chief Fidel Castro who continues to inspire the Cuban revolution and others around the world.

In solidarity,

Vinnie Molina
Communist Party of Australia

24th April 2021