CPA Greeting to the 13th Congress Communist Party of Viet Nam

Hoang Binh Quan
Commission for External Relations
Central Committee
Communist Party of Viet Nam

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Communist Party of Australia, please receive warmest fraternal greetings to your 13th National Party Congress taking place in January, 2021.

We congratulate the Communist Party of Viet Nam for the successful preparation of its National Congress through its more than fifty-two thousand cells at grassroots level, over thirteen hundred at upper-grassroot level, and sixty-seven at the central level. We look forward to the outcome of your deliberations at the National Congress and seek to learn from the experience of our comrades in Viet Nam.

We also congratulate you on the exceptional response to the COVID-19 pandemic in your country. It is no happy chance but the absolute success of our comrades, under guidance of socialist principles, that the most efficient and humane responses to the pandemic have been in socialist-led areas of the world, Viet Nam being most prominent.

We wish you a successful National Congress where you will review the past few years, determine tasks for the next five years, review your longer-term goals under the Political Platform on National Construction, and also set goals for the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of Viet Nam and the founding of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, in 2030 and 2045 respectively.

Long live the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam!
Long live the Communist Party of Viet Nam!

In socialism,

Vinnie Molina,
Party President,
International Department,
Communist Party of Australia (CPA)