CPA greeting to the 99th Anniversary of the foundation of the Brazilian Communist Party 

Eduardo Serra
International Relations
Brazilian Communist Party 

Dear comrades, 

On behalf of the Communist Party of Australia, please receive warmest fraternal greetings on the 99th founding anniversary of the Brazilian Communist Party. 

It is one of the most tumultuous times for the working class the world over with the ongoing pandemic. In Brazil especially people have faced the full wrath of the capitalist system’s neglect of human lives, as one of the leading countries with COVID-19 casualties. Combined with the repressive, anti-communist regime of Bolsonaro, these are extremely difficult times in which our comrades struggle for the advancement of the working class. However, the 99 years of the PCB are filled with great examples of struggle and triumph from which inspiration and courage must be drawn. That the Communists in Brazil are not only existing but organised, active, and attracting more and more young people, as are Communist organisations around the world, is in itself the triumph of our politics. 

More and more people understand the inadequacies of social democracy, the need for the complete overthrow of capitalism and the need for workers to gain political power. We hope your reflections on the past 99 years will provide more strength to your commitment to the cause of socialism. 

We wish you every success in your struggles and offer our complete solidarity. 

Long live the Brazilian Communist Party!
Long live working-class internationalism! 

Vinnie Molina
International Department
Communist Party of Australia, CPA