CPA Greeting to the Centenary of the Italian Communist Party

Central Committee
Italian Communist Party

Dear comrades,

The Communist Party of Australia sends warm fraternal greetings on the centenary of the founding of the Italian Communist Party, which will be marked on the 21st of January, 2021.

The Italian Communist Party has a very rich history of struggle since its inception. The first General Secretary, Antonio Gramsci, who faced the most terrible persecution by fascists, is a very respected Marxist theoretician read by people the world over.

Your party’s struggle against fascism is a story of heroism and provides inspiration to people till today. We are sure our comrades will continue to find both motivation and lessons from this history as they commemorate the centenary of the party this month.

We hope that despite the pandemic, our comrades in the Italian Communist Party have safe and jubilant celebrations.

The event of the centenary also provides the opportunity to refresh our resolve for a socialist world and our commitment to Marxist-Leninist principles.

Long live the Italian Communist Party!
Long live working-class internationalism!

In socialism,

Vinnie Molina
Party president
International Department
Communist Party of Australia (CPA)