CPA Statement in Solidarity with Socialist Cuba

The Communist Party of Australia condemns in the strongest possible terms the subversive campaign waged by the US government and Western media against the Cuban Revolution, its government, and people.

The CPA stands shoulder to shoulder with the Cuban Revolution and its revolutionary government. It will defend the revolution as it is the responsibility of all revolutionaries and communists around the world.

We praise the revolutionary people of Cuba who have taken to the streets in defence of their sovereignty and right to self-determination. The counter-revolution No Pasaran!

The imperialist calls for a “humanitarian” intervention is a direct attack on the Cuban Revolution. Cuba needs the end of the criminal US blockade.

The Biden Administration recently authorised more funds to continue the attacks on the Cuban people. The US President, despite his electoral promises, hasn’t eliminated any of the 243 executive orders made by Trump. The most barbaric of these is the inclusion of Cuba on the unilateral US list of countries sponsors of terrorism.

This means that Cuba cannot purchase any goods on international markets or have access to financial loans as the US controls the economic and financial systems. The Helms-Burton Act Title III also punishes third countries from trading with Cuba.

We have great optimism in the Cuban revolutionary spirit to persist even during these toughest of times no matter how unjust, but we say loudly there is no reason why a people should be asked to endure such an injustice.

During these times of COVID when the greatest cooperation is needed globally among people, Cuba has not faltered in that commitment despite the ramping up of the attacks against it by US Administrations. The Cuban Revolution continues to deliver not only for the Cuban people but more broadly by sharing their medical skills where needed.

We call on the Australian government to assist Cuba in these difficult times of the pandemic and use its diplomatic channels to end the US blockade.

We demand the end of the subversive campaign against Cuba.

No to the imperialist call for a “humanitarian” intervention!

We demand the end of the US blockade!

Communist Party of Australia
International Department

12th July 2021