CPA fraternal greeting to the second Congress of the PCI

Mauro Alboresi
Partito Comunista Italiano (PCI)
By email:

Dear Comrades

Greetings from the Communist Party of Australia to our comrades in the Communist Party of Italy on the 2nd National Congress and Party’s Centenary.

The convening of your Congress with the slogan ‘rebuild the PCI, reunite communists within a class-based left-wing front to get out of the crisis’ is a landmark event in the history of the Italian working-class movement and the Italian people. Your congress comes at a time of crisis in Europe and the world.

We have every confidence that your deliberations at the 2nd Congress of the Communist Party of Italy will be fruitful in analysing the situation for Italy and to direct your struggle to build a better world for the people.

The CPA recently celebrated its 14th National Congress with the slogan “Build the Party for a Socialist Future”. The slogan recognises the strategic importance of a strong class based Communist Party. Despite COVID restrictions the Congress was a success and adopted important decisions and elected its leadership.

We look forward to strengthening the fraternal relations between our two parties to better confront the fierce imperialist attacks on the peoples. We will continue the struggle for freedom, social justice and peace.

Once again, we congratulate and wish you every success in convening of the 2nd Congress and your Centenary celebration in order to achieve the goals of the Communist Party of Italy and its future missions.

Long live working-class internationalism!

Long live Socialism!

Vinnie Molina
International Department
Communist Party of Australia

Australia, 24th March 2022