CPA greeting to the 16th Congress of the Communist Party of Venezuela

Oscar Figuera

General Secretary
Communist Party of Venezuela, CPV


The Communist Party of Australia convey its warmest and revolutionary greetings to the 16th Congress of the Communist Party of Venezuela, CPV.

We are confident that the 16th Congress will contribute to strengthening your party and its role in the ongoing struggle of building of a socialist society under a progressive government.

The Communist Party of Australia highly appreciate your struggle in extremely difficult and complex circumstances. We follow with great interest the Communist Party of Venezuela’s tireless struggle against the interference of the US in Venezuela’s internal affairs. The US supports the right-wing opposition and imposes the illegal unilateral coercive economic measures. It also sends mercenaries to harm the country, supports military coups against Venezuela’s elected government and continues to undermine the Bolivarian revolution.

The Communist Party of Australia supports your ongoing struggle to defend the interest of the Venezuelan working class. The CPA hopes that the 16th congress will be a guide towards realising the aspirations of the toiling masses in Venezuela.

While wishing your 16th Congress every success in its deliberations, we extend our wholehearted greetings to its delegates and all the members of your fraternal party on its historical congress.

We look forward to developing the fraternal relations between our two parties in the joint struggle for freedom, peace, democracy, social progress, and socialism.

Yours in socialism,

Long live international solidarity!

International Department
Communist Party of Australia, CPA

20th October 2022