CPA International Department

CPA greeting to the 7th Congress of the Tudeh Party

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On behalf of the Communist Party of Australia we extend warm congratulations and best wishes on the convening of the Seventh Congress of the Tudeh Party. This Congress occurs at an historical stage of transition to a National Democratic Revolution.

We are following with great interest the struggles of the Tudeh Party for freedom, peace, independence and social justice for the Iranian people. The CPA supports your struggles for the right of workers to join trade unions, for women’s equality and your defense of the interest of poor and marginalised people.

The Tudeh Party is an active player in defence of Iranian sovereignty and against the criminal US sanctions. It also fights the theocratic regime that uses excessive force against the people who have taken to the streets their economic and political demands exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CPA wishes you the best results from the 7th Congress that will be held under the very difficult circumstances of the revolutionary struggle needed to guarantee the security of the Tudeh party’s members.

We would like to maintain the comradely and historical relationship between our parties on the principle of international solidarity and joint struggle against imperialist powers and our common aim to reach the shore of Socialism.

We look forward to hearing the outcomes of your upcoming congress.

Long live the Tudeh Party!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

In working class solidarity,

Communist Party of Australia
International Department
31st May 2022