CPA International Department

Greeting to the Communist Party in Denmark

Dear comrades,

The Communist party of Australia conveys its warm greetings to the Congress of the Communist Party in Denmark (KPiD).

We are confident that this highly important event in the political life of the Communist Party in Denmark will contribute to further strengthening your party’s role in the future of the nation.

We are aware of the enormous challenges and struggles faced by Danish workers, such as Covid-19 pandemic, the ongoing Russian – Ukraine war and climate change. Ensuring workers don’t pay for the crisis is our challenge as communist Parties. The same can be said of the struggle for workers’ rights in Australia.

While wishing your Congress every success in its deliberations, we extend our wholehearted greetings to its delegates, the party leadership and all-party members.

On this occasion, we look forward to further developing the warm relationship between our two parties in the struggle for peace, social progress, and socialism.

Long live international solidarity!

International Department
Communist Party of Australia
7th June. 2022