Greetings to the Communist Party of Canada’s 40th Convention 

Liz Rowley
Communist Party of Canada

Dear Comrades, 

The Communist Party of Australia congratulates the Communist Party of Canada and its leadership on the celebration of its 40th Convention. 

The convening of your 40th Convention occurs in the midst of challenges that the working class are facing both locally and globally such as climate change, the ongoing war between Russia-Ukraine, energy crisis, high inflation, high cost of living and Covid-19 pandemic. We are confident that the 40th Convention will contribute to strengthening your party and its role in the ongoing class struggle. 

The CPA wishes the CPC every success in its deliberations. We are confident that Convention delegates will debate and adopt resolutions to guide the work of the Party and to elect a new leadership for the next three years. 

The Communist Party of Australia looks forward to strengthening relations between our two parties in the joint struggle for peace, climate justice, social progress, democracy, sovereignty and socialism. 

Long live the Communist Party of Canada! 

Long live proletariat internationalism! 

Yours in working class struggle, 


Vinnie Molina
International Department
Communist Party of Australia 

20th June 2022