Greetings to the Philippine Communist Party (PKP-1930)

Antonio Paris
General Secretary
Philippine Communist Party (PKP-1930)

By Email:

Dear comrade,

The Communist Party of Australia conveys our warmest greetings to the Philippine Communist Party on its 92nd foundation anniversary.

On this special occasion in the life of your party, we recognise and appreciate the history of struggle and sacrifice of Filipino Communists and the dedication required to uphold the lofty values of communism and to fight relentlessly for a socialist future. Throughout these 92 years, you have endured an enormous political and ideological challenge to face up to reactionary and anti-worker regimes. During periods of pro-business governments, you held high the red banner of struggle against them and for people’s democracy and socialism.

Today, while the impact of the pandemic continues and workers experience rising costs of living, imperialist powers are waging wars and creating crises in the Indo-Pacific region. We strongly believe that the role of the Communist parties and progressive forces in the Philippines and worldwide is indispensable for providing inspiration and a guide for action to achieve change. This is vital for building a better future, a society free of exploitation, all forms of oppression, racism, fascism, wars, poverty and disease and to ensure the freedom, democratic rights for the people and to lay the foundations for socialism.

On the 92nd anniversary of your party, we seize this occasion to express again our congratulation to the PKP-1930 members and leadership on this great achievement.

We warmly salute all the members and supporters of Philippine Communist Party and look forward to strengthening and developing the historical relations and internationalist ties between our two parties, in the joint struggle for freedom, peace, democracy, social progress, and socialism.

In working class solidarity,

Vinnie Molina
International Department
Communist Party of Australia

22nd August 2022