Post Congress Central Committee Statement

Following the success of the Communist Party of Australia’s (CPA) 14th National Congress the Central Committee has re-elected General Secretary Andrew Irving and National President Vinnie Molina. Congress was held on 25-27 February 2022.

The conclusions reached by the Party in its Congress Political resolution are driven amidst a climate of catastrophic life-threatening climate change, war and imperialist aggression while employers and governments actively drive down the standard of living of working people. At the same time corporate profits soar and workers’ rights are continually attacked and eroded.

The new collective leadership will continue the path laid out by congress to “Build the Party for a Socialist Future”; firmly on the side of the working class, internationalist and in solidarity with all people around the world fighting for democracy, peace, social justice and socialism.

The CPA recognises we fight on the stolen land of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait brothers and sisters. Working people cannot have justice until the rights of the nation’s first people are addressed through land rights, treaties, truth, sovereignty and justice.

The growth of the Party in these conditions has been significant. The Party will continue to struggle to change the capitalist system for a more humane, progressive and just society, a Socialist society. A society that doesn’t destroy the planet or kill millions in war as we currently face.

We will stand shoulder to shoulder with workers on picket lines, with the people in general fighting for access to education, health, jobs and housing.

The CPA will deepen its campaigns and organisation to ensure workers won’t pay for the crisis made worse by the Morrison Government mismanagement of the COVID pandemic.

We oppose imperialist war and the military AUKUS treaty. We will continue to campaign for an Australia free from nuclear weapons and nuclear power. We say money for jobs not for imperialist war and nuclear submarines.

The CPA is in its second century of activity in Australia. We are 101 years old and continue the struggle of the many generations of communists before us. Those communists changed Australian society for the better and the 14thcongress paid tribute to some of Australia’s greatest activists and Party legends whose struggle we continue.


5th March 2022
Communist Party of Australia
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