Communist unity is strength!

Communist Party of Denmark, DKP

Martin Minka Jensen
International Secretary
Communist Party of Denmark, DKP

Dear comrade,

The Communist Party of Australia conveys its warmest greetings to the Demark communists on the reunification of the Communist Party of Denmark and the Communist Party in Denmark on 3rd of September 2023.

This is a historical moment in the struggle for working class power in Denmark. The CPA delegation to the 22nd IMCWP held in Havana in October 2022 witnessed the joint contribution by both parties and welcomed the news of the reunification.

We strongly believe that the reunification of the two Communist parties into one strong Communist party is a positive step towards working class power; a party capable of defending the rights of the Danish workers at this critical stage in the history of Denmark and the world.

The CPA wishes you every success into the future as a unified party and we extend our congratulations to the new party leadership, members and supporters of the Unified Communist Party of Denmark.

We looking forward to strengthening the fraternal relations between the Communist Party of Australia and the Communist Party of Denmark on the basis of international solidarity, the struggle for peace, social progress and socialism.

In working class solidarity,

International Department
Communist Party of Australia, CPA

30th August 2023