CPA greeting to the 25th Congress of the German Communist Party, DKP

Patrik Köbele
Central Committee
German Communist Party

Dear comrades,

The Communist Party of Australia conveys its warmest greetings to the 25th Congress of the German Communist Party.

Your congress is being held at a time of extremely difficult circumstances with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and active involvement of German Imperialism in the US and NATO economic war against the Russian Federation and China.

Support for US and NATO wars and the military industrial complex is taken directly from workers impacting on their living conditions with high prices of energy and basic food in addition to the housing crisis.

Your 25th congress will discuss these fundamental questions and analyse the international situation and will look for and find working class solutions to these critical questions.

The convening of your 25th congress at this stage is a milestone on the path of your struggle against the German ruling class in defence of interests of the working class. The CPA looks forward to learning about the outcomes.

The Communist Party of Australia wishes the DKP leadership and members all the very best. We look forward to further developing the relations between our parties in the joint struggle for freedom, peace, social progress, and socialism.

In socialism,

Vinnie Molina
International Department
Communist Party of Australia

16th March 2023