CPA greeting to the 92nd Anniversary of the Communist Party of Venezuela

Oscar Figuera
General Secretary
Central Committee
Communist Party of Venezuela

Dear comrade,

The Communist Party of Australia convey the warmest greetings to your Party on its 92nd anniversary of the Communist Party of Venezuela.

On this special occasion, we salute the many sacrifices, victories, defeats, and setbacks experienced during 92 years of struggle against the US and European looters.

On your 92nd anniversary, we seize this opportunity to express our international solidarity with Venezuela’s people, working class and Communists.

We warmly salute all the members and supporters of your party and we look forward to the future to further strengthen and develop the historical relationship and international ties between our two parties.

Together in the joint struggle for freedom, peace, democracy, social progress and socialism.

With warmest comradely greetings.

International Department
Communist Party of Australia

3rd March 2023