For a united front against monopoly capitalism and war!

A worker is smashing the capitalist system. Faithfully adapted by mAlkAv from the Vladimir Mayakovsky’s original.

Rob Griffiths
General Secretary
Communist Party of Britain, CPB

Dear comrade,

The Communist Party of Australia conveys its warmest greetings to the members and leadership of the Communist Party of Britain on the celebration of its 57th national congress to be held in London on 4-5 November 2023.

The CPB Congress is taking place in a period marked by the relentless attacks on the working class by monopoly capitalism and the imperialist struggle for survival. The working people in Britain have mobilised in demand of jobs, the environment and peace.

In recent days we have witnessed ten of thousands of people take to the streets in solidarity with Palestine demanding a ceasefire, humanitarian aid and the end of the occupation.

The CPB and the Young Communist League have been with the workers and people in general in their demands for a better future for all.

The CPA feels proud that the fraternal relations of our two parties’ have deepened with the joint struggle against AUKUS and warmongering on China.

This is a historical moment in the struggle for working class power in Britain and elsewhere. The CPA delegation to the 23rd IMCWP held in Izmir, Turkiye in October 2023 witnessed the efforts by communists around the world for a world in peace and a common shared future for humanity.

The CPA wishes the CPB 57th Congress every success into the future and we extend our congratulations to the party leadership, members and supporters of the Communist Party of Britain and the Young Communist League.

We looking forward to the ongoing strengthening of the fraternal relations between the Communist Party of Australia and the Communist Party of Britain on the basis of international solidarity, the struggle for peace, social progress and socialism.

In working class solidarity,

Vinnie Molina
Communist Party of Australia, CPA

31st October 2023