Syrian Communist Party’s 13th Congress

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CPA greeting to the Syrian Communist Party’s 13th Congress

Ammar Bagdache
General Secretary
Syrian Communist Party

Dear comrade,

The Communist Party of Australia, CPA conveys its warmest greeting to the leadership, members, supporters and friends of the Syrian Communist Party, SCP on the occasion of the 13th National Congress to be held in Damascus between 09-11 November 2023.

The Syrian Communist Party has played a major role in defending the interest of the Syrian working class since its founding. The SCP has actively participated in defending the homeland against terrorist forces. US imperialist intervention in Syria and NATO aggression began their attacks on Syria and its people nearly twelve years ago.

The CPA stands with the Syrian Communist Party in their struggle to get rid of all occupation forces such as US imperialist forces, Turkish forces and terrorist groups on Syrian soil.

We appreciate your continuing support in standing with the Palestinian people in defending their legitimate rights to exist and live on their own land against the barbaric attacks carried out by the Israeli Zionist government. Innocent Gazan residents have been victim of the current barbaric attacks for the last four weeks. Genocide must stop!

The CPA wishes the SCP 13th Congress every success into the future and we extend our congratulations to the Party leadership, members, supporters and friends of the Syrian Communist party.

We look forward to strengthening the fraternal relations between our two parties on the basis of proletariat internationalism, the struggle for Peace, and Socialism.

In working class solidarity,

Vinnie Molina
International Department
Communist Party of Australia

3rd November 2023