Workers Party of Ireland’s Ard Fheis

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CPA greeting to the Workers Party of Ireland’s Ard Fheis

Cllr Ted Tynan
Workers Party of Ireland

The Communist Party of Australia sends warm greetings to the Workers Party of Ireland members, supporters and its leadership on the occasion of its upcoming Ard Fheis (Congress) to be held on Saturday 11th November in Dublin.

The congress is a great opportunity to discuss and review the political program, activity and to elect a new Central Executive Committee to guide the party for the coming period.

The Workers Party of Ireland plays a significant role in the political life of the country, defending the political and civil rights of the people in general and the Irish working class.

Your congress is held in a critical time in the history of the Communist movement. People around the world are demanding an immediate ceasefire to save the people of Gaza. The genocide against the Palestinian people at the hands of Zionism must stop and an independent Palestinian state must be recognised by our governments.

The CPA wishes the Workers Party of Ireland Ard Fheis every success with productive discussions for unity and a strengthened Workers Party of Ireland into the future.

We look forward to the strengthening of the fraternal relations between the Communist Party of Australia and the Workers Party of Ireland on the basis of proletariat internationalism, the struggle for Peace, and Socialism.

In friendship and solidarity,

Vinnie Molina
International Department
Communist Party of Australia

3rd November 2023