CPA greeting to the XVII Congress of the PCOE

Spanish Communist Workers’ Party (PCOE)

Dear comrades,

The Communist Party of Australia conveys its warmest greetings to the delegates of the Spanish Communist Workers’ Party (P.C.O.E) on the XVll National Congress to be held in the city of Seville on May 11, 2024.

We believe that this congress is a prominent event in the history of your party. It represents a turning point in the struggle to defend the rights of the working class and marginalised groups in Spain.

We are certain that your Congress will shape the PCOE’s policy through examining, discussing, and determining the party’s political line, its program, and statutes for the years to come. Congress will also elect a new Central Committee and other leading bodies for the period ahead.

In the last six months, we have seen millions of people around the world taking to the streets in solidarity with the Palestinian people demanding a permanent ceasefire, an end to Israel’s genocide, the end of the occupation and an independent Palestinian state.

The Communist Party of Australia wishes the Spanish Communist Workers’ Party a successful 17th Congress. We extend our congratulations to Congress’ delegates, leadership, members and supporters of the PCOE.

We look forward to strengthening the fraternal relations between the CPA and the PCOE based on international solidarity, the struggle for peace and socialism.

In working class solidarity,

International Department
Communist Party of Australia

15th April 2024