Cuba – 65 years of victories!

ACFS Perth rallied against the blockade, Monday 20th September 2021.

On 1st January 2024, the Cuban people will be celebrating 65 years of revolution. These have been 65 years of victories, sacrifice for their right to decide their own destiny and the capacity to overcome all the unimaginable challenges.

From the beginning of the revolution the biggest threat became obvious; their neighbour 90 miles to the north, the United States of America.

The US couldn’t tolerate that a small island in the Caribbean could decide a different path towards development. Cuba chose a better type of society for the people and by the people, a socialist revolution was born.

The heroic role of the people led by Fidel Castro and many other heroes of the revolution defied the odds despite its powerful imperialist neighbour.

Fidel walked with his people through all the challenges of the Sierra Maestra, Bay of Pigs, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the special period. The Cuban people were always victorious, and shared their fruits with other people around the world.

Most recently under a severe blockade Cuba was capable of overcoming the covid pandemic, developed its own vaccines and shared its notable medical teams and biotech developments with poor and rich countries around the world.

The pandemic affected the economy of most countries and Cuba wasn’t an exemption but it also had the added burden of the US administration. At the time Trump introduced 243 executive orders and added Cuba to the US list of countries sponsors of terrorism which hurt the Cuban families even more. Biden has made little change despite his promises, before being elected, to return to the Obama policies. Tourism also disappeared overnight hitting the Cuban economy harder.

However, when people are prepared to defend their right to self determination and with the entire world demanding the end of the criminal US blockade against Cuba, we have to congratulate the people of Cuba, its government led by the Communist Party of Cuba and President Miguel Diaz-Canel for their resilience and courage.

On Monday 1st January 2024 the Communist Party of Australia stands with all the friends of Cuba around the world in solidarity with the Cuban people in celebrating the 65th anniversary of the heroic Cuban socialist revolution.

Long live Cuba!

Long live Fidel, Raul, Miguel & the Cuban people!

Remove Cuba from the US list of countries sponsors of terrorism!

End the criminal US blockade on Cuba!

Cuba is not alone!