Statement in solidarity with Cuba

No to Washington’s hypocrisy and misinformation

The Communist Party of Australia condemns in the strongest possible terms Washington’s latest campaign of hypocrisy and contradictory misinformation. On 15 May 2024 US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken issued a report listing nations that “do not fully cooperate with the United States’ antiterrorist efforts”.

Cuba was not part of the list, but the US unjustly keeps Cuba as a “state sponsor of terrorism”.  Cuba, a victim of terrorism, does not support terrorism in any way, shape or form.

The Communist Party of Australia stands in solidarity with Cuba and its government at this difficult time in which the strengthened blockade affects every single Cuban family.

The inclusion of Cuba on the spurious US list of countries who allegedly sponsor terrorism has the aim of isolating Cuba and its people from the US controlled financial system. It amounts to collective punishment and economic war.

President Biden despite his electoral promises has not done anything to repeal the 243 coercive measures introduced by President Trump’s Executive orders. President Biden has the executive power to remove them.

In a recent visit to Cuba by our party president we demanded the end of the criminal US blockade and the removal of Cuba from the US list of countries sponsors of terrorism.

The entire world supports the demand for the United States of America to let Cuba live!

Stop the US misinformation campaign!

Down with the US blockade on Cuba!

Cuba off the list!

Communist Party of Australia
International Department

23 May 2024