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CPA Policies

Social Media

Social Media Guidelines for CPA comrades

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A progressive, healthy and capable youth are the basis of a sustainable socialist society, but Australian youth is facing increasing barriers to their aspirations after...

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A socialist society aspires to enhancing the position of women in society, particularly those women who form part of the working class. Female workers make...

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Provision of adequate public transport to services to all communities is a social and environmental imperative. Private road transport is a major contributor to carbon...

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On trade unions

CPA members are active members of their trade unions and seek to play an active role in their union in the workplace and at all levels of the union.

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Temporary visa workers

Globalisation has brought about a massive restructuring of economies and new international divisions of labour. The global expansion of trade in commodities was followed by...

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US Imperialism in Asia

After World War II, British colonialism was replaced by US imperialism in Australia as the dominant economic, political and military power. Today, Australia’s military forces...

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Public sector

The public sector of the economy consists of all that is owned and run by government, including industrial enterprises, infrastructure and the services provided by...

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Military spending

Australia’s military spending is close to $30 billion per annum and set to rise in coming years to $40 billion. The Defence Minister claims Australia...

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Manufacturing industry

The Communist Party of Australia sees the development of the manufacturing sector as critical for the future development of the Australian economy and for the...

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Living wage

The Communist Party of Australia is committed to not only stopping the attacks on and erosion of the living standards of the Australian working class...

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LGBTQI rights

LGBTQI is an acronym referring to a group of identities that includes, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans/transgendered, queer and intersex people, encompassing other sexualities and gender...

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The Internet has become an integral part of Australian people’s lives. Since the beginning of the 21st century it has been steadily replacing television and...

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International solidarity

The Communist Party of Australia is internationalist in its outlook and considers international solidarity a duty. Capitalism is a globalised system of oppression and exploitation...

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Housing is a basic human right enshrined in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. In a modern, industrialised and relatively wealthy nation like Australia...

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Universal access to medical care is fundamental to building a healthy socialist society. Medical expertise, medical institutions, and medical research are part of Australia’s social...

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A socialist society is a society that recognises humanity’s place in nature and lives with nature on the basis of sustainability. This means the provision...

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The right to employment is a basic human right. However, capitalism to survive keeps wages in competition creating and promoting unemployment. Capitalists are only interested...

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The Communist Party of Australia supports an education system which promotes collective and democratic values, co-operation not individualism, equality not discrimination, multiculturalism not racism, and...

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Indigenous rights

In 2007, Operation Outreach involving 600 Australian Army soldiers was launched against Indigenous communities to implement the Howard Coalition Government’s Northern Territory Intervention policy. The...

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