The Guardian January 27, 1999

"Struggle" the battle cry for 1999!

In an article in the January 9, 1999, issue of the People's Weekly 
World, Gus Hall, National Chair of the Communist Party USA, shared some 
thoughts about 1998 and predictions for the coming year. His remarks were 
an edited version of a speech delivered to the CPUSA's annual holiday open 
house in New York City.

Unfortunately, all is not well with the world. The production and 
stockpiling of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons poses a threat to 
the very existence of the world.

We face the threat of mass annihilation so long as these weapons exist on 
any country's soil  making it possible for anyone, anywhere to obtain and 
use them. What the world needs now more than anything else is the immediate 
and total elimination of all these lethal weapons.

The United Nations, the world's peacekeeper, must take the initiative to 
establish an international movement, a movement that will mobilise all the 
countries and peoples of the world to unite and forever eliminate all 
weapons of mass destruction from the face of the earth. To do so, the UN 
must stop playing around with all kinds of secondary and irrelevant issues.

It is time to sound a warning. It is time to mobilise world public opinion 
against these horrific weapons that, if loosed on the world, could 
annihilate the entire population two times over.

Hasn't the world suffered enough from these monstrous weapons? Civilisation 
has never faced a challenge of such magnitude. 

All progressive, peace-loving people of the world must unite and accept 
this challenge to save our precious planet from these weapons of death and 
destruction. We can only do that by eliminating them from the face of the 

Right-wing conspiracy

The tremendous electoral victories of 1998 [in the US] were truly a 
people's victory. It was politics of unity that did the job on the 
Republicans. The results were the beginning of a new coalition electoral 

Make no mistake, the Republicans suffered a big, unexpected setback. It was 
not only an electoral setback, but also an ideological and long-range 
political setback.

It was a jolt you would expect the rabid right-wing leadership to take note 
of and maybe even back off to save their political necks. But, no, they 
want to get Clinton so badly that they recklessly and contemptuously 
continue to ignore the will of the people.

It isn't that they just hate Bill Clinton personally. It is a political 
vendetta. The ultraright has a "Contract on America" agenda and they see 
Clinton as an obstacle.

So they called together the Gingrich gang, who took over the Republican 
Party, some extremists and fanatics  like the Christian Coalition, Ken 
Starr, Linda Tripp  and corporate moneybags like Richard Scaife, and they 
hatched their conspiracy.

We fully agree with Hillary Clinton when she called it a "vast right-wing 
conspiracy". It was just that right from the very beginning.

Like most Americans, we do not condone Clinton's personal behaviour or the 
recent attack on Iraq. But the crisis is much, much bigger than any 
inappropriate behaviour and moral outrage.

It is an attempted right-wing coup d'etat at the highest levels  an 
attempt to seize the reigns of government. What we have witnessed in the US 
Congress is the ugly face of fascism.

What they could not win in the electoral arena, they are determined to win 
"by any means necessary", including riding roughshod over the 
Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the laws of the land, 
democratic rights and even human decency.


The theme for 1998 was "change". In 1999, it should be "struggle". Struggle 
means militancy, strikes, picket lines, protests and demonstrations, rank-
and-file movements and coalitions.

The theme of struggle fits today's trade union movement. With a new 
leadership, it is organising and leading important, militant struggles and 
strikes, most of which they are winning.

They are conducting drives to organise unorganised workers. The AFL-CIO's 
campaign for "2,000 (labour candidates) in 2000" will elect trade union 
members to public office. 

Labour played, perhaps, the key role in the November electoral struggles, 
organising coalitions of broad sections of people, in which our party was a 
full partner.

The electoral struggles showed that the Communist Party is now accepted as 
a legal political organisation that trade unionists and others can work 
with and join without fear of being labelled or isolated.

Agricultural workers, who suffer terrible working conditions, low pay and 
vicious anti-immigrant campaigns, are in struggle to organise unions in the 

The small family farmers, who fed generations of Americans, are in struggle 
to keep what's left of their farms. Farmers are going bankrupt, thrown off 
their land and into poverty.

Huge agribusinesses now completely dominate US food production, from seed 
to supermarket, while farmers and their families go jobless and hungry.

Struggle describes the US Congress  the struggle between the two parties, 
the struggle within the Republican Party, the struggle between the Congress 
and the President, between the right wing and the people.

Struggle is the trademark of the movements against racism. It is a struggle 
for equal rights for African-American, Mexican-American, Latino, and 
American Indian people  for all nationally oppressed peoples. Racism 
means discrimination, prejudice, oppression, police brutality, no medical 
coverage, no jobs, slum housing and poor education.

Women workers, who make only 75 percent of men's wages, are still in 
struggle to win equal pay for equal work. The senior struggles to save 
Social Security are leading the way to an all-people's movement.

Young people are in struggle for the right to an education, to a decent 
job, a Youth and Students' Bill of Rights. People's movements are in 
struggle to save all the entitlements that are being stolen, one by one, 
and the social safety net that is being ripped to shreds.

Struggle is the only way to resist lower wages, downsizing and mass 
layoffs, poverty, homelessness and hunger. Struggle is the only way to 
eliminate food lines, homeless shelters and emergency rooms that are 
turning away thousands every day.

In New York City alone over 400,000 are going hungry and more than 25,000 
are homeless children on the streets, eating out of garbage cans and living 
under cardboard.

Unity in struggle

The key is not just unity, but unity in struggle. Throughout US history the 
people have won only with unity in struggle. Through struggle, the American 
people learned that "in unity there is strength".

Without unity in struggle, the Civil War could not have been won.

Without unity in struggle, the New Deal, Social Security and unemployment 
insurance could not have been won.

Without unity in struggle, the civil rights laws could not have been won. 
Without unity in struggle workers would not be able to organise trade 
unions and win strikes.

There are millions of temporary, part-time workers. There are millions of 
permanently unemployed workers. The great majority who are working live in 
a state of daily dread.

They are in constant fear that the company they work for will make a cold-
blooded decision to downsize their jobs and with it their homes, their 
children's education and any hope for a happy New Year.

With unity in struggle the labour and people's movements can win a Public 
Works Jobs Bill to create millions of jobs and rebuild our crumbling 

It will only be with unity  black, brown and white unity  that this 
coming year's struggles will be victorious.

On a world scale there is a struggle between two opposing systems, 
capitalism and socialism. We Communists predict that socialism will win 
this struggle.

The key word for our party is also "struggle". For 80 years the Communist 
Party has been fighting on the side of all working people in their 
struggles for a better life.

Wherever people are in struggle, we are there  in the struggle to save 
Social Security, public education, welfare, Medicare and Medicaid, to stop 
privatisation and the gutting of all our entitlements and to preserve our 
democratic rights.

All of these are part of the class struggle between the "haves" and the 
"have-nots" that will go on year after year until the great majority of 
Americans decide the system doesn't work anymore, that it is broken and 
can't be fixed, and that socialism is the best  and only  solution.

Why? Because the great class divide between those who produce all the 
wealth and those who steal it for their private profit is getting bigger 
every year.

1998 was a banner year for corporate profits and stockholder dividends. 
Mergers and acquisitions produced huge conglomerates that roam the earth, 
stealing more billions and plundering more countries than ever before.

Conglomerisation and privatisation have become code words for downsizing, 
plant closings and mass layoffs.

Under capitalism the higher productivity is resulting, simultaneously, in a 
higher level of joblessness and poverty. As the new technology produces 
more advanced automated and computerised systems, layoffs and plant 
closings will increase.

Advanced technology is based on replacing human hands, eyes and minds. 
Under capitalism, these great advances create leisure and wealth for the 
ruling class and unemployment and poverty for the working class.

Under a rational socialist system of production, technology would be used 
to shorten the workweek, while at the same time raising the living 
standards of all workers. Socialism is in harmony with new, advanced 

Socialism is the only system that can utilise technology for the benefit of 
all the people. New technology and socialism go together.

Today, millions are asking: If the corporate and financial empires can 
accumulate such vast wealth, make profits in the billions, why can't this 
rich nation of ours guarantee basic human rights for everyone  a decent 
job at union wages; a decent, affordable place to live; free child care and 
a free education for all; free medical and dental care?

The reason is simple: corporate profits and greed that gets more insatiable 
and ruthless every year.

New Year's predictions

Now let's look into our Communist crystal ball for 1999:

* Most of the members of Congress who voted for Clinton's impeachment will 
be impeached by the electorate in coming elections.

* The Republican Party will self-destruct.

* The world stock market  including the US stock market  will fluctuate 
wildly and crash.

* Exxon, which now has a chokehold on the world's oil, will increase oil 
production and then increase petrol prices.

* Boeing Aircraft, the biggest in the industry, will cut production and go 
bankrupt. Companies like Boeing and Exxon announced New Year's layoffs in 
the hundreds of thousands. In 1999, they will begin public announcements of 
plant closings.

* The scientific and technological revolution will bring on the next crisis 
of capitalism.

* Living conditions for abandoned children, the poor, homeless, hungry, 
unemployed, sick, elderly and disabled will worsen.

* The drive to privatise everything, including Social Security, will 
continue but the people increasingly will resist and win.

* Communists will win more elections in Russia. Coalition governments, 
including the Communists, are the way of the future and maybe even a 
peaceful road back to socialism.

* Gingrich, Ken Starr and Boris Yeltsin will be forced into the trash can 
of history. Gingrich is already out, Yeltsin will be out of power and Starr 
will be out of a job.

* The radicalisation process of the people will accelerate.

* The slogan "six-hour day, no cut in pay" will catch on.

* The trade union movement will continue to grow. Strikes will be longer 
and more difficult.

* And finally  we predicted this one last year, but the numbers were so 
good in 1998 that I want to try again  new members joining the Communist 
Party and the Young Communist League will double in 1999.

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