The Guardian February 24, 1999

Aggression against Yugoslavia

Statement by the Central Committee Secretariat of the Communist Party of 

Negotiations between the powers over the conflict in Kosovo are taking 
place as the The Guardian goes to press, the threat of NATO 
aggression remains and the bombing by NATO of the sovereign country of 
Yugoslavia could commence at any time.

The hate campaign against the Serbs and the Yugoslav leader, Slobodan 
Milosevic, continues unabated in the media, obscuring the fact that 
Yugoslavia is a sovereign country and Kosovo is a recognised part of its 

Any attack on Yugoslavia would be aggression pure and simple. NATO 
threatens the military occupation of Kosovo by NATO forces and perhaps even 
the remaining territory of Yugoslavia.

This would be the first time that NATO forces have occupied a sovereign 
country against that country's will and is a dangerous escalation of NATO's 
policy of threat and blackmail using its predominant military force.

Yugoslavia was last occupied by Nazi military forces during World War II 
and sparked an heroic war of resistance by the Yugoslav people.

The present threat of NATO action has not been discussed by the United 
Nations Security Council. The UN is being completely ignored by the leading 
NATO powers.

It is a violation of the United Nations Charter which says: "All members 
shall refrain in the international relations from the threat or use of 
force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any 
State ..."

Other reluctant European powers are being pressured by today's warmongers 
led by Clinton's US and Tony Blair's British Governments.

If war should break out it could well spread to other Balkan countries 
starting a widespread conflagration whose end cannot be foreseen. Any 
attack on Yugoslavia has already been condemned by the Russian Government 
which has repeatedly called for the continuation of negotiations.

The British and US aggression is aimed to completely dismantle and occupy 
Yugoslavia and is the next step towards the subjugation of the whole of the 

It also has the purpose of clearing the way for eventual intervention in 
the Republics of the former Soviet Union.

We call on the Australian Government to oppose this intended aggression 
against a sovereign power and to insist that the issue be referred to the 
United Nations.

The conflict in Kosovo is an internal matter for the Yugoslav Republic and 
must be settled by negotiations and not by outside military intervention.

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