The Guardian February 24, 1999

Ocalan kidnapping condemned

"It is with deep indignation that the Communist Party condemns the 
kidnapping of Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the Kurdish Workers' Party 
(PKK)", said General Secretary Peter Symon in commenting to The 
Guardian on Ocalan's seizure last week in Kenya.

"It is the Turkish authorities who are the terrorists having waged a 
genocidal war against the Kurdish people living in both Turkey and Iraq.

"The Kurdish people want autonomy, the right to use their own language and 
exercise their own culture, human rights and the opportunity to live in 

"It is the Turkish authorities which have killed tens of thousands of 
Kurdish people, erased their villages and homes for the last 15 years. They 
have repeatedly invaded Iraqi territory allegedly in pursuit of Kurdish 
supporters of the PKK.

"The kidnapping of Ocalan in Kenya is a flagrant violation of international 
law and is reported to have been carried out with the assistance of the 
Israeli secret service Mossad, the American CIA as well as the complicity 
of the Greek and Kenyan Governments.

"We equally condemn these governments for their participation in this 
conspiracy on behalf of the military-fascist Turkish Government.

"We call for Ocalan's immediate release, the cessation of military action 
against the Kurdish people and the recognition of their right to autonomy 
within the Turkish state", concluded Peter Symon.

The long arm of the US in the "snatch" operation is confirmed by a 
statement by US State Department spokesman James Foley who said: "The 
United States did not apprehend or transfer Ocalan or transport him to 
Turkey." But, he was gleeful about "the apprehension of this terrorist 
leader. We have [undertaken] extensive diplomatic efforts to bring him to 
justice", said Foley.

"I can't get into the nature of our diplomatic exchanges, but ... this has 
been the case ever since he [Ocalan] turned up in Italy some months ago."

The Turkish authorities were also bragging about the operation saying that 
"Turkey has very good special operations people  state of the art. This 
is one of the biggest things they've ever done."

Turkey's "special operations people" usually undertake car bombings and 
assassinations of activists abroad, which are then loudly blamed on "rival 
factions", to discredit the Kurdish or Turkish resistance and to foment 
discord within these movements.

If Turkish agents pulled Ocalan from his car in Nairobi, Turkey alone could 
not have organised it.

Only one superpower has the capacity to monitor electronic traffic between 
countries, and especially coded foreign embassy traffic, to meticulously 
track the movements of a human "target" all over the world, and to 
manipulate governments into co-operating in an inhuman act. That superpower 
is the USA.

Turkey is a close US ally and member of NATO. US planes use bases in Turkey 
for operations against Iraq. Turkey also has a close relationship with 
Israel and an agreement of "strategic cooperation" in actions against Arab 

It is the Turkish Government which should be in the dock for its aggression 
and violation of human rights and its barbarous suppression of the Kurdish 

The Kurdish people were promised an independent homeland after WW1 but the 
western powers betrayed their promises and divided Kurdish territory 
between Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria.

There are about 30 million Kurdish people who have never given up the 
struggle for self-determination and a recognition of their just national 

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