The Guardian March 3, 1999

Disgusting Callan Park deception:
Local candidate slams Carr Government

"The Carr Government has deliberately deceived the people about the sale 
of land at Callan Park. This is absolutely outrageous, it's a disgusting 
piece of dishonesty and a betrayal of commitments made to the community", 
said Denis Doherty, Communist Party candidate for the inner Sydney State 
seat of Port Jackson.

Mr Doherty was responding to the Sydney Morning Herald report (March 
1, 1999) that Callan Park land will be sold for a private aged care centre.

Callan Park is the local name for the site of the Rozelle Hospital  61 
hectares of exceptionally beautiful waterfront land in Sydney's over-
crowded inner west.

"The report shows that Carr and his Government, including local MP Sandra 
Nori, planned to deceive the people and are still maintaining a secrecy 
over documents.

"The line sold to the local people about a future plan of management was 
clearly a cynical pretence", Denis Doherty said. "Principle has no place in 
the Carr Government."

The land at Rozelle has been offered to the Scalabrini Brothers, a 
charitable organisation, at less than market value. They plan to develop a 
home for aged members of the Italian community which would be a private 
profit making venture.

"I have been campaigning for the Catholic Church to take responsibility for 
finding a site for the Scalabrini venture. The church has many vacant 
buildings and under-used properties in the inner city.

"Local MP Sandra Nori's election posters read `delivering for the inner 
city'. They should be changed to `delivering the inner city to the 
developers'", Denis Doherty said.

"We demand that the Premier and the State Local Member publicly announce 
that the proposal to sell Callan Park land to the Scalabrini Brothers will 
be immediately dropped."

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