The Guardian April 7, 1999

NATO's brutal aggression condemned:
Central Committee of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (March 27)

Shortly after the Czech Republic became a member of NATO, without its 
people having an opportunity to express their views on the issue, bombs 
began to fall on Yugoslavia.

Big power interests prevailed over reason. The consequence has been 
suffering for the population of the whole of Yugoslavia. The victims 
include civilians who have paid with their lives.

The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic) condemns in the 
strongest possible terms NATO's brutal aggression in the Balkans.

International law has been violated in an unprecedented manner. The NATO 
big powers are not concerned about reaching a peaceful solution of the 

The NATO command, especially the USA, want their military units on Yugoslav 
soil and control of all of its territory.

Because a sovereign state has not yielded to arbitrary dictates, NATO has 
resorted to armed force.

Many political leaders are saying that NATO's activities in the Balkans 
threaten a new cold war. But today a real war has broken out. It is not 
between two competing social systems, so that no one can hide behind 
ideological phrases. The naked self-interest of the perpetrators is clear 
for all to see.

It is very sad that our country has also shared indirectly in this 
aggression. We cannot agree with the evasive attitude of the Czech 
Republic's government. To deny its co-responsibility by claiming that the 
decision was taken before our accession to NATO and that therefore the 
Czech Republic was not involved is hypocrisy.

The duplicity of the Government's official statement was ridiculous. 
President Havel even openly supports the aggression. This policy is a 
disgrace to our republic.

We want to help create a situation in which international law is fully 
respected. We regard only peaceful operations approved by the United 
Nations Security Council as legal. We oppose the participation of our 
republic in military operations.

We consider it essential that the role of the Organisation for Security and 
Cooperation in Europe is strengthened and a Charter for European Security 

The CC of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia sent a letter to the 
leaderships of the Socialist Party of Serbia, the Yugoslav Left (JUL) and 
the Yugoslav Communists.

The letter condemned the criminal actions of NATO and expressed "the full 
solidarity of our party and a substantial majority of our fellow citizens 
with the just cause of your people and your country.

"We also express our profound admiration for the courageous fraternal 
people of Yugoslavia in their defence of their country's inviolability and 
sovereignty. We believe that the common voice of our nations will prevail: 

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