The Guardian April 7, 1999

The New Nazis

While many will know of the German Nazis as the genocidal persecutors of 
the Jews, Nazism was also military aggression against other countries in 
Europe and a striving for world domination. Nazism's driving force was the 
big German corporations such as Krupp, Seimens and I G Farben.

Nazism suppressed the trade unions and other workers' organisations. The 
Nazis also used propaganda as a weapon of war, just as the monopoly 
controlled media is doing today. Lies, distortions and the use of emotive 
language is being poured out by some journalists who have abandoned 
analysis and truth, and gave sacrificed all moral principles to do the 
bidding of their paymasters.

Above all, Nazistn came to represent aggression, extreme nationalism and 

NATO, during its 50-year existence, declared itself to be a "defensive 
alliance". But its true nature has become all in the current 
aggression against Yugoslavia.

Now, far from being confined to Europe, NATO has given itself the "right" 
to interfere in the affairs of any country anywhere in the world if that 
country does not measure up to conditions laid down by the US-led military 

Its political, economic and military objectives have been clearly stated by 
none other than NATO's military committee chairman, Klaus Naumann, of 
Germany. In May 1995 he told the German magazine Der Spiegel that "German 
troops will be engaged for the maintenance of the free market, and access, 
without hindrance, to the raw materials of the entire world." He went on: 
"Those east European states which object will have the thumbscrews put on 
them, because they depend on us for largescale economic assistance."

In the same issue of Der Spiegel the former German Defence Minister, Volker 
Ruhe, noted that "war has once more become the method of politics."

More recently, Klaus Naumann told European politicians who have 
reservations about the intended aggression against Yugoslavia to "shut up". 
Tony Blair backed this stance and put Britain firmly in the war camp when 
he declared, "To make an agreement work and to bring stability to Kosovo, 
an international force is an indispensable element  only NATO is equipped 
to lead it."

In the 1940s Hitler's Nazis pursued their aggressive aims by dividing 
Yugoslavia. Slovenia was turned into a puppet Nazi state as was Croatia  
exactly the same as NATO is doing now. Over the Easter weekend of 1941, 
Hitler bombed the Yugoslav capital of Belgrade. NATO is following in 
Hitler's footsteps, bombing Belgrade over Easter, 1999.

The German occupation of the Balkans in the prelude to World War II was a 
necessary preparation for war against the Soviet Union, which began in 
June.1941. The colonisation of Russia and the Ukraine, and seizure of the 
oil riches of the Caucasus region, is on NATO's agenda now.

A timetable has been set down for the integration of the military forces of 
NATO and the European Union. Said Germany's Defence Minister, Rudolf 
Scharping:  "Concrete ideas on how this could be done should be developed 
in the near future so that they can be implemented .,. within a time-frame 
of about two years."

That's the time frame of the next eastward aggression of NATO. Once again 
this aggressive war is being promoted by the big corporations, particularly 
those of the United States, whose lust for profits and control over the 
resources of the world (including the labour forces of all countries) has 
no limit. Any and every country will be trampled under-foot whether they 
resist or not.

The mentality of the old colonialism has not been exorcised and is again 
riding high in the leadership ranks of the United States, 'Britain, Germany 
and France. None of the social-democratic governments of these countries, 
nor the "democratic" Clinton, challenge the rule of the transnational 
corporations. They are fully implementing the "economic rationalist" 
policies demanded by these transnationals. The new drive to militarisation 
and war is another major step in the fulfillment of the aims of 

As history repeats itself after 50 years the perpetrators of today's savage 
aggression against Yugoslavia should .also remember that the Serbs were 
among the most courageous fighters against Hitlerism. The 1940 Nazis were 
defeated. The new aggressors must be opposed and defeated again today.
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