The Guardian April 7, 1999

Rage against NATO

"Dictator Bill Clinton", "NATO fascists", "Nazi American Terrorists" ran 
the shouted slogans and placards as protest actions around the world 
continued against the US-led NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. Thousands of 
protesters took to the streets in all capital cities of Australia. In 
defiance hundreds of thousands have taken action in Moscow, Sebastopol, 
Nicosia, Prague, The Hague, Vienna, Copenhagen, Athens, Frankfurt and 
Berlin and the cities of the US, France and many other countries. They 
erupted in the Bosnian cities of Trebinje and Bijeljina, and in the 
Yugoslavian republic of Montenegro. In Belgrade under siege the people sang 
patriotic songs of defiance. "Sorry, We are Singing" ran one of their 

Communist Parties, peace and religious organisations from all parts of the 
globe have condemned the NATO aggression.

In a strongly worded statement the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition 
(AABCC) called on the Australian Government to "dissociate our country from 
the illegal bombing of a sovereign country which is being conducted without 
United Nations sanction and is contrary to international law."

Denis Doherty, spokesperson for the AABCC said that the Government should 
"order the immediate return home of the Australian troops involved in the 
NATO actions in Yugoslavia.

"The Australian Government will stand condemned unless it uses its good 
offices with the US to persuade it to desist from this illegal and immoral 
blood letting", Mr Doherty said.

"NATO's one accomplishment has been to cause a major humanitarian 
catastrophe. The peace movement declares that Australian Government support 
for this military outrage, which has more to do with American and European 
political interests than genuine humanitarian concerns, is not carried out 
in our name", Denis Doherty concluded.

Global hegemony

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) in strongly condemning the 
aggression said that "This unprovoked attack is nothing but a naked 
expression of US imperialist aggression to impose its global hegemony.

"It is unprecedented in international law that a country is militarily 
attacked in order to force it to accept an `agreement' that goes against 
that country's national interests and sovereignty."

"The CPI(M) calls on the Indian people to protest against growing 
imperialist aggressiveness."

"Widening conflict"

The Japanese Communist Party says the bombing brings with it the danger of 
a widening conflict.

"As regards the Kosovo question, which is given as the reason for the air 
strikes, peace talks have been under way since last October under the 
mediation of six countries.

"There is no reason at all for launching such major air strikes just 
because one party in the talks doesn't agree with the program for peace.

"The use of force by NATO not only makes the process of settling the 
conflict more complicated, but will escalate the conflict and carries the 
danger of developing into a full scale war in which many innocent civilians 
will be injured and killed."

"Utterly monstrous"

"The US and its imperialist allies are utterly monstrous in seeking to 
impose foreign occupation forces on Yugoslavia for the purpose of further 
dismembering that country and after the Yugoslav refusal to accept such 
occupation forces", says a statement from the Communist Party of the 

In Rome tens of thousands of protesters took part in a demonstration 
organised by political parties, trade unions and peace groups. Italy is a 
NATO member.

In Greece where huge anti-NATO demonstrations have taken place, the 
Communist Party of Greece has called on the people of Greece to stand by 
the side of the people of Yugoslavia and for the Greek Government not to 
participate in the war, but to "coordinate their position with the 
governments resisting it, Russia, China and others ...".

A protest rally in Prague's Wenceslas Square was attended by several 
thousand opponents of the NATO aggression. Other well-supported rallies 
have been held in Brno and other cities and towns of the Czech Republic 
which only recently became a member of NATO.

Several mass demonstrations against NATO bombing have taken place in Paris 
convened by over 20 associations, political parties and unions. They called 
for immediate negotiations.

On April 4, in Strasbourg, the French peace group Mouvement de la Paix and 
German peace groups called for a Euro-rally for peace, disarmament and 
solidarity. Participants will come from Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, 
Germany, Portugal, Rumania, UK.

As The Guardian goes to press, NATO bombing continues and is being 
increasingly directed against the infrastructure of Yugoslavia  bridges, 
water, electricity and sewerage plants. In condemning the bombing, CPA 
General Secretary Peter Symon said that cities and villages are being hit 
throughout Yugoslavia including the towns and villages of Kosovo.

"As in Iraq, NATO's objective is to terrorise the people into accepting 
NATO's dictatorship or to see their economic achievements devastated.

"It is Clinton, Blair, Schroeder and Jospin who should be arraigned as war 
criminals. It is they who launched this aggressive war, completely ignoring 
the United Nations.

"War creates refugees and the bombing of Kosovo is no exception. The exodus 
from Kosovo of both ethnic Albanians and Serbs is an inevitable consequence 
of the bombing. The refugee situation has been deliberately created and is 
cynically used to justify the NATO aggression.

"War also created even larger refugee crises among Kurds, Rwandans, 
Angolans, Sudanese, Congolese, Palestinians and others but the western 
powers showed little or no concern.

"The suffering of refugees is a human calamity but in most cases it is a 
direct consequence of wars or ethnic and religious conflicts deliberately 
stirred up by imperialism to justify military intervention and its economic 
and political control.

"NATO aggression must be stopped now. Yugoslavia is in the front line of 
the struggle to prevent a third world war. If successful now, NATO will 
continue to push eastwards, reaching out for its total world domination", 
said Mr Symon.

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