The Guardian June 2, 1999

Peace Appeal

Meeting in Athens from May 21-23, 55 Communist and Workers Parties from 
all continents, adopted the following appeal to stop the NATO war against 
the people of Yugoslavia:

We condemn the ongoing criminal US-NATO bombing against the people of the 
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

We stress the fact that, by this unjust and aggressive war, the principles 
of the UN Charter and of international law are being brutally violated.

The intervention does not in any way take place in defence of any human 
right whatsoever. Many innocent civilians, both Serbs and ethnic Albanians 
have already been killed.

We consider the war waged by NATO against a country and its people that has 
chosen to defend at any cost its national independence, its sovereign 
rights and territorial integrity, crudely expresses the new policies of 
this aggressive organisation.

By its new doctrine, ratified officially during the NATO summit meeting of 
April 1999 in Washington, NATO has assumed the right to intervene 
arbitrarily whenever it considers its interests to be at stake.

We express our deep concern at the extensive ecological impact that NATO 
weapons are having in the territory of Yugoslavia and the whole Balkan 

We demand that the criminal NATO bombing be stopped immediately and that 
any escalation of the war by the use of ground troops be prevented by any 

We call for a solution in the UN framework which 

* guarantees respect for the territorial integrity and the inviolability of 
the borders of Yugoslavia;

* provides for the autonomy of the Kosovo area with full rights for all 
minorities living there;

* provides for the return of all refugees to their homes, and; 

* provides for the rehabilitation of the huge material losses suffered by 

We call upon all peoples to intensify their mobilisation against the war, 
for peace throughout the Balkans and for solidarity and peaceful relations 
between all peoples.

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