The Guardian June 2, 1999

Balkan Communist Parties for joint action

A meeting of Communist Parties from Balkan countries has decided to make 
June 2, a day of common action in the Balkan countries with rallies and 
demonstrations under the slogans of WORKING PEOPLE OF THE BALKAN COUNTRIES: 

A joint statement of the parties condemning the NATO war warned that there 
was "a real danger of a new Balkan-wide war which could evolve into a 
global military conflict of unforeseeable dimensions.

"The NATO air strikes which, in fact, constitute an act of state terrorism 
against the sovereign Yugoslav state, are taking place without the sanction 
of the UN Security Council.

"The military intervention by the imperialist forces in order to manage an 
internal conflict in an independent state, will not bring about a positive 
solution to the crisis. On the contrary, it will intensify the conflict, to 
the detriment of all the Yugoslav Republics.

"Today, on the threshold of the 21st century, progressive humanity is 
witness to the way in which global imperialism has replaced the power of 
right with the right of power."

Their statement called for all progressive, peace-loving, anti-war, anti-
NATO, and anti-imperialist movements to:

1. Denounce the criminal military actions against the Republics of 
Yugoslavia and take a resolute stance in favour of ending this barbaric 

2. Declare their unreserved support for the people of Yugoslavia in their 
heroic struggle against the imperialist invaders.

The Parties called for "closer cooperation and to coordinate their actions 
in order to thwart the imperialist plans to launch a new war in our 

Attending the meeting were the Marxist Platform of the Bulgarian Socialist 
Party, the Bulgarian Communist Party "Georgi Dimitrov", the Communist Party 
of Bulgaria, the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia, the Communist Party of 
Greece, the Union of Communists of Macedonia and the Communist Party of 

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