The Guardian August 25, 1999

Which side are you on?

"Never forget the history of politics and which side we're on. We're on 
the side of making profits. We're on the side of people owning private 

Reith to a luncheon of businessmen in Perth last year.

Never forget the history of politics and the ceaseless attacks on 
workers' rights and conditions and on trade unions.

We are on the side of the workers. We are for job security, jobs for the 
unemployed, a living wage for all workers and the maintenance of 
traditional democratic rights that have been fought for and won in the 

This means that we have to oppose the big corporations  Rio Tinto, BHP, 
the big banks and others. We have to oppose the policies of the Federal 
Government which is implementing the policies and directives of the big 

That's where we stand!

Peter Symon, General Secretary, Communist Party of Australia.

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