The Guardian December 1, 1999

History lesson for NSW Premier

NSW teachers continue their stopwork meetings despite an Industrial 
Relations Commission directive to cease industrial action.

On Monday November 29, teachers were on a two-hour strike in the morning 
with teachers from the City and Eastern Suburbs rallying outside the 
Premier's Electorate office at Maroubra Junction.

They conducted a history lesson  complete with a blackboard and academic 
gear to remind the Premier, Mr Carr of events that had led to the downfall 
of previous governments.

Terry Metherell, Minister for Education in the Greiner government attempted 
a similar restructuring of public education which led to a massive 
demonstration outside Parliament house and greatly contributed to the 
downfall of the Greiner Government.

Teachers also reminded the NSW Premier of his former Victorian counterpart, 
Mr Kennett, whose arrogance and unwillingness to listen to the public and 
teachers finally caught up with him in Victoria's recent elections.

The NSW teachers want Mr Carr to heed the message which was delivered to 
him by over 20,000 teachers demonstrating outside Parliament House on 
November 18.

They urge him to:

* Withdraw the proposed new award which has been so categorically rejected 
by teachers;
* Make an interim salary payment as a sign of faith and;
* Commence genuine negotiations.

The Department of Education still refuses to have meaningful negotiations 
with the teachers and the Industrial Relations Commission says it will 
arbitrate a decision in the New Year if the talks go nowhere in the next 
week or so. 

Further two-hour stoppages by teachers from all schools are to take place 
on other days of this week.

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