The Guardian
Issue No: 938January 27, 1999
Editorial: What will 1999 bring?
Dye Company Workers
United and determined in their battle against "Patrick"-like tactics.
Treacherous attack on Abstudy
Students stand up against abolition of Aboriginal rights.
Greedy grab for hospital site
Prime hospital land earmarked for privatisation
It pays to be union
Women win equal pay.
Gordonstone miners
Fighting to keep their jobs.
Doctors' hunger strike resumes
Overseas-trained doctors battle for recognition.
East Timor:
The struggle for real independence.
"Struggle" the battle cry for 1999
An address by CPUSA Chair, Gus Hall.
Britain's rural poverty:
The ugly secret in those beautiful hillsides.
UNSCOM spying confirmed.
US "policy shift" mere window dressing.
Jesse Jackson & voters oppose impeachment trial.
Election fervour & new parties, but no real alternative.
Culture and Life
Spins on history: Futurology re-visited.
Film Reviews:
Life is Beautiful; You've Got Mail; The Shop Around the Corner.