The Guardian
Issue No: 939February 3, 1999
Editorial: Massive new American arms expenditure
New State IR laws bulldoze workers' rights
East Timor:
Pressure grows for independence
Recognition and respect
"Invasion Day" breakfast in Western Australia
Ships of shame
An appalling record
Forest carnage at nine cents a metre
Native forests sold for woodchipping
Dole and education
Federal Government forcing more people off unemployment benefits
Aboriginal tent embassy
A vow to stay!
Students organise to defend their rights to unionism
South Australia:
Firefighters win public support
NSW teachers
Day of Action
Olympic Games corruption
Heritage and class
Places we should keep in Sydney
Athletes' drug use must stop
Stock market bubble will burst
"Social Union" masks corporate sell-out
Neo-Nazis in high places
UN staff expose US policy
TV Review
Vanity Fair
Culture and Life
Political wars: The truth about WWII
The world in brief