The Guardian
Issue No: 950April 21, 1999
Editorial: The dirty propaganda war
World protests against NATO's dirty war
East Timor: Terror in Dili Kakadu: Government backs mining company
with taxpayers money.
Bilingual education fightback
in Northern territory.

Greenhouse cover-up
Lest we forget
Yugoslavia: Dangerous logic
Film Review: Lolita Japan: Moves to abolish the whale sanctuary.
Yugoslavia: Who is the KLA? Yugoslavia: The media's war
Yugoslavia: Some thoughts on joining NATO. Yugoslavia: Depleted uranium
West Papua: Independence now! East Timor: Statement by Xanana Gusmao
Russia: McMoscow workers join their union. MAI by the back door
USA: Virginia shipyard strike. Short story: Happy memories.
Culture and Life
Of spies and lies: Aid agencies and spies.
Holidays? What holidays?: Overwork in the Czech Republic.