The Guardian
Issue No: 954May 19, 1999
Editorial: Heavy blow to GST
Federal budget jobless budget
Yugoslavia: Stop the bombing! Private school grab for public assets
Sydney's hail storm
East Timor: Militia's secret licence to kill.
Media ownership deregulation call.
Email whitegoods producer, the job destroyer
South Australian transport jobs for sale
Hunter Valley miners' victory
Homeless man, pink towel, 12 months in jail Yugoslavia: Cynical manipulation of NATO victims
Alert: NATO massacre planned to frame Yugoslavia
World-wide opposition to NATO's war
Yugoslavia: Were Albanians persecuted? Russia: Stability crucial for Europe.
South Africa: Assassination attempt Yugoslavia: US threat to cut Yugoslav Internet
The world in brief
Yugoslavia: Dirty money and the KLA
Culture and Life
The Pope's man: Cossiga et al.
Profiteering: Grasping the essentials.
Away with the fairies: NATO's "critics"
Paying a debt: Nelson in Russia
CIA and intelligence: An oxymoron?
Human rights abuses: Kenya sues Britain
Seen any plutonium?: No media explosion!
Children in need
Poverty, family crisis, youth suicide, drug use . . .