The Guardian
Issue No: 956June 2, 1999
Editorial: Turn "Sorry into deeds
GST sell-out
Democrat collusion on GST condemned
CPA Central Committee statement
Walsh Bay to lose a finger
Jubilee 2000 petition
East Timor: End the bloodshed
Woolies unfair to workers
Workers say "NO" to unfair work laws
Employers rat on compensation
Go-ahead for equal pay cases
Indonesia: A US deputy
Indonesia: The safety valve
Athens Conference of Communists
War, globalisation and the working class
Yugoslavia: Peace Appeal from Athens Conference
Yugoslavia: War and peace Yugoslavia: Balkan CPs for joint action
Israel: A new chance for peace Czech Republic Sharp increase in unemployment
Culture and Life
Presumption of guilt: Wispelaere's trial, by media
Who saw them die? I, said the spy
A peep at William Walker's antics