The Guardian
Issue No: 957June 9, 1999
Editorial: A critical time for world peace
Democracy overboard: NSW Upper House
Yugoslavia: UN Security Council must act On yer bike, Murdoch!
GST protests
The Internet Police
Workers victory over Woolworths
Building unions fight government code
Tasmanian workers locked out
Shareholders take a stand on Jabiluka
Communist and Workers' Parties in Athens
Globalisation in the hands of the TNCs
Ban Terminator Patents
Japan: War bills made law. Fiji: Landslide to People's Coalition
Britain: Nail bomber linked to neo-Nazis China: US spy claim slammed
NATO general honours Germany's Nazi past
Yugoslavia: War crimes charge a cover for invasion
Turkey: Trial a mockery of justice Whose side ar YOU on?
Culture and Life
Gorby unhappy about NATO: A confused man with not much hair
Canadian witness denies "ethnic cleansing": Another exposure of the media hysteria