The Guardian
Issue No: 965August 4, 1999
Editorial: TNC dictatorship it's real
Sydney's water danger
M5 Motorway tunnel fumes
Put people's health first
East Timor referendum: Militia's, military must go
NSW workers demand action on compensation
Important decision on contracting out
Campaign to protect workers' entitlements
Britain: Unions battle Labour over welfare
India: CPI & CPI(M) joint rally against privatisation
Jails, spies and chemical weapons
FA cup compromised
Y2K and the threat of
global nuclear catastrophe

Crocodile 99,
military nightmare preparation

Culture and Life
Tobacco companies lose: A very classy action!
Johnny the hood: John Howard, the GST and the Czech Republic
A government off the rails: Mussolini and the London Underground
Hands up or we'll spray!: Police Authority peppered with complaints