The Guardian
Issue No: 967August 18, 1999
Editorial: Words are important
Big protests against anti-union bill
Which direction for the national broadcaster?
Protest actions over services for disabled
Defence industry pollution:
Clean-up or cover-up?

Health Services in transition:
Privatisation by Stealth

Miners fighting for justice
A Simple Question A poem for you and I
Protecting the Port from pollution
State Court intervenes in
Federal Court industrial dispute

USA: Congress cuts "Assassins" funds
USA: Congress examines "corporate welfare"
Russia: Yeltsin manoeuvres
while support for Communism grows

Iraq: Eclipse observation camp bombed
Mexico: Han Young workers fight on
Britain: Activists applaud Pinochet decision
Pinochet is not in prison yet
Cuba: A home run for peace
Culture and Life
Sport, money and politics:
Who said the Cold War's dead?
Book Review:
Must-read text on the business of war