The Guardian
Issue No: 971September 15, 1999
Editorial: Collaborators in genocide
Protests force Indonesian backdown
Huge support for East Timor
Marching to save WA forests
Employers out to cut bus drivers' wages
University head privatises campus
SA public health protest
Plan to privatise Victorian State schools
Government move to privatise homes for disabled
East Timor betrayed
Honduras: Maquila workers strike
Opposition to Star Wars missile test
USA: Detroit teachers strike
Czech Republic: We're all employees, aren't we?
US tries to secure Central Asian oil
EAST TIMOR: Phone / Fax / E-mail
Culture and Life
A right royal wit: Should that be "twit"?
Racist, sexist or wot?: All three!
You can't be too right-wing: How to be loved by the Establishment