The Guardian
Issue No: 972September 22, 1999
Editorial: Will the lessons be learnt?
East Timor: A step to independence
Big Mac's contempt for our history
Victorians reject privatisation and cuts
Howard's sorry effort
Trade union solidarity
with East Timor across Australia

Sit-in protest saves ship
Unions win backpay for privatisation losses
Health "crisis" ploy fuels privatisation
Toyota lays off 3,000
Shackled in death
Fascism walks on two legs
Nazi nostalgia in Croatia
Brazil: Struggle for people's power
US Congressman blasts role on Kosovo
USA: US workers on the march
Russia before the elections
US complicity in Timor
Culture and Life
Gentility in the Never Never: A classic racist text from yesteryear
Bolshie Scots: The revolution spreads!
Bolshie MPs: Even further!