The Guardian
Issue No: 977October 27, 1999
Editorial: Bye, bye, Kennett
Republic YES! Preamble NO!
Credit union for indigenous Australians
Trade union appeal for East Timor
US Base at Nurrungar closes
Funding cuts hit child care services
The Laws of the land
Reasonable hours are safe hours
Construction workers wage campaign
Labour Day 1999
An Olympic struggle, just to get a ticket
Liberals rocked by scandal
Book review History of the CPA
Iran: Economic crisis worsens, popular unrest grows
Britain: No more privatisations
Outrage over paltry pension rise
Pakistan: Sharif ousted by army coup
Cuban opinion on East Timor
Culture and Life
The anniversary of the "fall of the wall":
And they all lived happily ever after?!
East Timor:
Imperialism and humanitarian pretences