The Guardian
Issue No: 978November 3, 1999
Editorial: More of the same for the bush
The "whatever it takes" Olympic Games
Saturday's chance for a republic
Conflicting interests in the Catchlove Affair
Banks more of "the whole truth"
UNSW Oatley campus saved
Labour-hire company used in teaching
No to a non-union
AIRC rejects company union
The Law Handbook
University occupation
Menzies: the barbed wire solution
Book Review:
The Reds: The Communist Party of Australia from origins to illegality
Film Review: The Sixth Sense
Russia: A struggle the media could not ignore
Puerto Rico: Honouring the independence struggle Trading Away Basic Democracy
India: Truck drivers strike
Britain: Thousands rally for rail safety
Culture and Life
A new Cold War: The rise and fall of the truth
Why we must vote "yes" for a republic